The Magic Of Photoshop Bundle


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Learn the magic of photoshop. 

If you are looking to learn how to make art out of your photography, and bring out emotions, this online experience is exactly for you!

 Alex unveils her entire creative workflow for taking magical and dreamy images from concept to realization.

Beginning with a concept, Alex stresses the importance of giving her subject backstory to create photographic narrative and enhance character-driven emotion within her magical portraiture.

She then dives into the technical side of her work demonstrating a number of photoshop tools in interesting and unconventional ways specific to her style, yet easily translated into nearly any style or genre.   

The Magic Of Photoshop bundle includes 10 lessons and 2 action collections (total of 12 actions for colors and portrait editing)  that Alex will guide you through her editing workflow and will give you priceless tips on how to improve your sooc images to ease your editing process. 

In this collection you will learn to:

– Master all outdoors fine art techniques you need to know in photoshop:

 In order to create stunning outdoor-  fine art images you will need to know certain techniques like: framing the image, using oil paint tool, dodging and burning, using plugin’s like Nik collection to add an extra fine art touch, how to add hair and more . you will learn all color grading techniques you need to know in order to get stunning fine art images.

– Master skin retouching:

You will learn the easiest way to retouch skin without making your subject look  like a porcelain doll.

you will learn how to keep the texture while softening the skin.

How to dodge and burn your portraits so they will get a soft 3D look.

you will learn how to correct skin tone and sharpen your image.

The techniques you will learn will help you achieve fine art look to all of your portraits.

– Master All Color and light Editing Techniques:

you will learn how to use all color grading and color effects on photoshop to get crispy and lush images.

Alex will will teach you how to add extra pop to your images by just using simple tools photoshop has to offer. you will learn how to add light and rays of light and also understand when and where to use it. You will learn to enhance color and light in all your images.


– Basic PS knowledge 

– Installed LR and PS

– Nik collection (To purchase Nik collection please visit website using the link:

The edits included in the bundle:

לפני little bunny photoshop editing
לפני water balloons photoshop tutorial
לפני אחרי
ריבוע beautiful autumn photoshop tutorial
לפנייייייי 0T9A5517-Edit-Recovered
before copy 0T9A0169-Edit
0T9A0617 322368902_1643168972769112_1728803377239684561_n
before 0T9A0119-Edit
before after
לפני 0T9A5309


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